Reliable power for a sustainable world
05 de diciembre de 2019
How the Multi Power helped cut electricity bills?
Upgrading to our award-winning modular UPS Multi Power (MPW) delivers significant savings.

Energy costs account for more than half a Data Centre’s running costs. For large Data Centre using 30 GWh a year, electricity bills are very expensive so operators must explore any area that offers potential savings.

The Multi Power delivers a winning combination:

  • scalability: adding extra power modules
  • redundancy: ensures downtime-free maintenance
  • operating efficiency up to 96% helps reduce power consumption and minimize waste

All these advantages in a compact footprint and without compromising on performance.
Being able to do more with less is why many Data Centres and mission-critical sites make the move to Multi Power.

Here a recent case where our customer upgraded its systems to modular MPW.

Originally, its two Data Centres were full of inefficient tower-style static UPS. Installed a decade ago, efficiency averaged just 92% and the big units needed constant air conditioning. In summary, kilowatts of energy were simply being wasted.

Swapping the static towers to efficient, power-packed modular Multi Power resulted in massive benefits. In total, the customer cut its electricity bills by more than € 390 000 a year, carbon emissions slashed by 72% and air conditioning reduced by a similar amount.

Upgrading to MPW saved a total of 1.25 kWh of electricity a year (that’s more than enough to power 300 homes) and all these savings were achieved in less than half the previous footprint.

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